Let's Journal....

When I was asked to journal of the first time the thought frightened me. What if I have nothing to say? What if someone reads it? These are common fears and I am here to tell you "just write", nothing needs to make sense, you don't need a plan, all you need is a pen, a fancy journal,and you. 


Now looking back I don't know how I ever lived without it... Journaling gives us permission to be vulnerable in a non-judgement atmosphere. 

Here are some questions to get the juices flowing. Be sure to check back for our "Journaling - Self Discovery" workshop.

Today, sit for a moment, and make the following lists: 

    •    Name as many areas and ways as you can where you may be participating in negative or less energetic interactions in your mind, body, relationships or life that could be creating unhappiness in return?

    •    How could you switch these choices to new ones that might lead you to confidence, empowerment and more happiness and freedom? Be radical with this list. You don't have to do the actions you write down right now, unless you want to, but get creative with how you might shift some people, places, agreements and habits toward your benefit.


Then, if you can, make at least one of those changes this week, large or small… I'll bet you will watch your inner strength bloom where you just planted it.