Time To Let Go Of TOXIC People

How do you let go of someone who just isn't good for you? We first need to always look within and ask ourselves these questions.

What makes them toxic? or what is it about this person that makes it unbearable to be around?

Why are you still holding on in the first place?

Who does this person remind me of? What is my trigger with this person?

Letting go is the first step but sometimes we think we are letting go but the feeling or energy is still lingering over us. This is because while we say, "ok they are not good for me and I need to let them go" we often don't understand why they are not good for us in the first place. We don't dig up the barrier treasure. Identify with the journaling questions above and get real with yourself. Once you can identify we can then move onto step two.

Step #2: Congratulations you have identified why this person is no good for you and why you WON'T tolerate it from anyone else ever again. If you happen to stumble upon in your journaling, that the person is in fact a trigger because he/she reminds you of your mother or father, then we need to release that so that the next time someone comes into your force field you will not be triggered. And trust me if you don't settle that trigger it will show up again, and again until the universe makes its point. "it's time to let go". If this is you, start each day with forgiveness! You might not feel they are worthy of it but trust me they have moved on and you are still carrying around you 20 pound bag from 1980. Forgive them for not being a good parent or whatever they did wrong. Understand that sometimes life may not seem fair but it is always a lesson. What we do with that lesson is our choice. Getting clear in a love letter has always helped me. Write a letter to the person who harmed you, next tell them how they hurt you. It was start with, I felt you weren't a good parent, and as a result of that I lost x amount of time. You made me feel x. Continue writing until you feel everything is out. Next get in your car and pretend they are sitting next to you, read it to them and after burn the letter. You have said your peace and now you can move on... Each day you will feel more and more lighter.

Step 3 - Now it's time for the Cord Cutting- This is a cord cutting mantra - Grab a candle or two and site in a room that has no distractions. Sit and say this mantra