Manifestation Made Easy

Let's talk about making this whole manifestation process a whole lot easier.

There's this idea out there that the more you practice manifestation the more advanced and complicated it needs to get and that's just not true.

Our minds love to overcomplicate things because it gives them a new problem to solve. But, the truth of the matter is that manifestation is easy, you're doing it all the time, it's your birthright and one of your natural superpowers. And the more you can relax into receiving and surrender by removing the fear and worry, the faster the manifestation will appear. This simple, but powerful process is something you can add into your daily alignment ritual and life to create more peace, ease, freedom and results now.

How to manifest something in its simplest form.

  1. What do I want?

  2. Do I believe I can have it?

  3. Choose that it's done

  4. Receive it

That is it! It's not meant to be complicated but our minds like to make everything a "to do list".

You can have it.
Choose that it's done.
Relax into receiving.

Let's break it down - Think about what you actually want and get clear on that. Notice whether it's a true desire and not just something you need for outside validation.

For example: When I was writing out my intention for more money. I needed to be clear on what that money would do for me. How would I feel, act, be when having this desired amount. It had to make my heart smile. I did not get caught up in fear, or lack. I decided that is was already done. And in this done state what would I fell, act, who would I be hanging out with or not, what kind of clothes would I wear and so on. I had to feel the experience.

Then tune in on do you actually believe that this desire is possible for you? That belief part is the most important. And if you don't believe that it's possible for you specifically, you can zoom it out a little bit.

Do I believe that it's possible for people in general?

Do I believe that there's people in general right now receiving this amount of money or manifesting this thing, and if I believe that there's other people doing it, then why not me?

Then feel into it: I want this. I believe it's possible. I believe it's possible. YES, I believe it's possible. It's like placing my order to the universe. I choose that it's done so it is. But, this this is the piece that a lot of times people get hung up on...

I then relax into receiving, meaning get on with living your life and simply receive. Don't sit there and be like, aright universe—I put in the order, where is it? Instant manifestation is possible and I do believe that you could manifest money on demand but is your faith behind it? Do you believe it's possible for you?

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