Forgivness - Ho'oponopono"

People who struggle with the concept of forgiveness– both for themselves and for others– often find comfort in a deeply healing age-old practice that comes from Hawai’i. The beautiful Hawaiian Prayer for Forgiveness is called “Ho’oponopono”.

I came across this twenty years ago when my step sister was living in Hawaii. I was not into yoga nor was I meditating, but you can imagine when your feet hit the sand in Hawaii you just can't help to soak in what the spiritual aspect of Hawaii have to offer.

I was hiking around the caves and met this women who was holding a meditation and Reiki clearing that night and thought to myself "why not". When I entered it was very dark, with beautiful candles lit everywhere. We sat in a circle and she asked the group "can you forgive"? Of course the analytical side of me was thinking to myself "this is a vague question". I know either yes or no right. But as I thought about the question it did not feel that simple of an answer to give. I started to see all the people that hurt me along my path and asked myself can I forgive? My response was "NOPE". She challenged me to go deeper into why it was so difficult for me to simply forgive. I remember thinking to myself, if I forgive then it's like I am just allowing this person not to suffer anymore, and if I forgive then I forget. WOW!!! is an understatement.

True forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. Instead, by first acknowledging the wrongdoing, ho’oponopono allows all parties to sit with and hold space for these feelings. First, we acknowledge that the problem exists. Then, when we are ready, we make the conscious choice to move on. While my hurters where not present, I was able to create a stage and call them up. It is similar to cutting the cord. When I gave them a voice and in return was able to use mine, everything started to feel lighter. I know longer became the story, I just allowed the story to heal me and begin to move on. If you need to disconnect from the day or simply have unresolved feelings towards someone who might not be around then I suggest you use the clearing meditation. I use this meditation every day right before bed. The meditation is about six minutes long.

Clearing Negative Energy


The Powerful Mantra

Enjoy and let me know what you liked about these meditations.

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