Have you ever felt that you are always stuck in the same old same old. Does this saying sound familiar? "I always start something but never finish it". Your not alone, when I started out in my career the first thing I would do was put my nose in a book and read, read, and read more. I thought I needed to have more training, more knowledge, just all around more. When I got more, I needed more.. The crazy thing was when I stopped and looked at what I was doing I realized I was not allowing change. I was controlling every outcome by doing the same thing I have always done. You see change is very easy, we resist it and make change hard out of fear. Fear we are not good enough, fear we will look silly, fear of old beliefs. Am I reading your soul? Nope not at all, you see we all have this and you are normal. The key is to recognize and choose to be different. I did this powerful mantra the other day and I want you to try it and please let me know how it worked for you.

I needed to delete myself. Yes truly delete all past beliefs and who I was so that I can be free of not feeling good enough. My mantra was

I delete and un-story all of alyson, across all time, space and dimension. As I said these words for the first time I notice a pit in my stomach.

Second time I started to cry

Third time my heart actually felt lighter, not a lot but very noticeable.

By the fifth time I was smiling and my heart was light. You see I had to let go of the old Alyson to make room for the new version. Try this mantra out and notice were you feel the sensation, is it heavy or light. Keep noticing each time you say it and let me know your thoughts.