30 Ways To Think More Positively

After years of having a fixed, negative mindset, it's tough to change one's ways. But with practice, you can create a more positive outlook on life. Here's 30 ways to practice thinking more positively.

1. When talking, replace negative words with positive words. Instead of saying "This is too hard", say "I can do this" or "I accept this challenge".

2. When thinking, use empowering words; those that make you feel strong, happy, motivated and in control.

3. Journal your thoughts. Celebrate your successes. Document and analyze the losses. Find where you went wrong and plan to do better next time. Learn from your mistakes.

4. Counter each negative thought with multiple positive thoughts. When you catch yourself having negative thoughts, take a moment to think two or three positive thoughts.

5. Go somewhere that brings you peace and happiness. This might be a nature walk, a quiet place like a museum that is visually appealing, an area where you listen to music, a park where you can watch kids and pets play happily. As often as possible, visit this place where you feel peace and happiness.

6. Practice positive affirmations. The more you practice, the easier it will become.

7. Forgive yourself for missteps. It happens. The important this is not to dwell on them and keep moving forward.