I feel like I have been saying "Of course it is" since March of 2020. The world just stopped and all you would here from every news station is that dam word "Uncertainty" it became apart of everyones vocabulary in less then 24 hours. Yes, we are living in uncertain times but who is making them so uncertain? The only thing I am uncertain about are the following:

  • What the future will predict

  • And when I will die.

Now the last time I checked I was not a psychic so those didn't change. But if I am to live in the NOW, It's pretty certain to me that we have a virus going on in the world, I am pretty certain that in this moment my kids are not in school, and I am pretty certain we are living in a time where anger fuels us.

But are we channeling that anger in the right place? If we sit for a moment and take stock of ourselves our true selfs, can we be real? You see it's ok to be angry, this shit is messed up. I can't see my family, have to live with rules to protect others, don't get me wrong I am ok with protecting others it's the rules part I don't like. My business is not running the way it use to. I am freaking angry!! But when I peeled back the layers I realized that I never gave myself permission to be angry at it all. The feeling of guilt or just the feeling that if I let go, I will loose control.

Give yourself that permission to be pissed off, cause a fit, hell stomp around like a kid for all I care. Surpressing your feelings isn't going to solve the hidden truth.. You are scared, I am scared, and guess what it's OK! After you have had your tantrum, I want you to do something for me....

I want you to remember while shit is messed up, what did you gain from this? You see, every discomfort you feel gives you something in return. So what did this epidemic give to you? Ahhhhh yes, for some of us it gave us more time with our children, we realized things we did in the past might not serve us now, found ways to be in nature more, catch up on a book we've been dying to read. Garth Brooks said it best: In one hand you have the blessing and in the other the curse. Some things won't change, the good things will always be here. Like the first cup of tea or coffee you have in the morning, the hug your child gives you when they wake up or go to bed, your fur baby snuggling with you, the kiss from your loved one, a home cook meal. All of these things remain.