Full Moon In Leo

A night of initiation by the sacred feminine…a shamanic wake up call to identify where you are being your own worst enemy. Many will have found the initiation has already begun! In the lead up to this eclipse you may feel eclipsed by your shadow, contracting into your fears, wounds & old self limiting beliefs.

Ask yourself what are my beliefs? And do they serve my highest truth? Often times our beliefs can keep us stuck in old patterns. In order to begin to manifest what you truly desire you must be willing to let go of what is holding you back.

“I have faith that I can attract abundance in the ways that are right for me.”

Since all full moon bring things to fruition, a sense of culmination, or you may sense accelerated momentum in reaching your goals. So see what is being revealed to you without anticipation or planning; allowing your higher-self to guide the process. Eclipses are a portal that allows you to download higher levels of information and helping expand your consciousness. They help advance personal development and take a leap of faith on your destiny.

Let's set the stage for our ritual. Grab an object it can be a crystal or whatever you have. Keep it next to you. Set your surroundings with crystals, incense, essential oils, journal and let's unpack some of our emotions! If using essential oils - Wild Orange, and peppermint will inspire creativity and motivate you to take action. Ylang Ylang helps resolve deep emotional wound and releasing traumatic events, helping your heart help and feel more buoyant

Letting Go.....

1. So Hum meditation (set a timer for 5-minutes) - So Hum is a Sanskrit worf for " I am that" begin to align with the universe. Inwardly say. So (on the inhale) and Hum ( on the exhale). If your mind wonders bring it back to So Hum.

2. Grab your object and hold it in your left hand. Set a time for 5 minutes. Sit in silence, breathe in and slow breath out.. As you hold the object in your hand think about all the things you are ready to let go. These things can be pain, hurt, anger, self-sabotage or self esteem. Mentally send all the energy into the object your are holding. Feel them leaving your body forever. Inwardly say " I am choosing to let go", "I am choosing to let go" state this five times.

3. Now that we have let go.. Grab your journal and let's begin to write.

  • When my mind wonders, where does it go?

  • What do you think about the most when you give yourself space to daydream?

  • If I had a magic wand and told you that you could have anything wanted. What would it be?

4. What are the top three things I want to attract for 2019? Take those three things and begin to write out how you see it. Leave nothing out, using all five senses. Write it as if it is already happening. Example: If it is love, money and a new job. I have the most wonderful man (describe him to a "T"), money is flowing to me everyday, my job (what it looks like). See it, feel it and be it. Your mind only understands the pictures you send it and the words you tell it.

Now write those top three things on a stick note and place them on your computer, mirror and the car. Reminding you of what you want to attract. The more your mind sees the picture and the words you tell it, the more your universe will start to change.

Good luck

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