Letting Go

Ready to Reinvent Yourself?

The thought of creating big, lasting changes in life can be paralyzing. "What do I want? Who do I think I am? This is hopeless." Sound familiar? But before you can begin to manifest or move towards what you want we must first let go of what we keep carrying around. Let’s start by looking at our beliefs. I talk about this a lot to my clients and in my classes.


A Brule according to Vishen Lakhiai is a bullsh*t rule that we believe is true but no longer is. Examples of some "Brules" in your life could be: "Oh my mother told me Aunt Betty had bad headaches, and so did my grandmother, and that's why I have headaches." Here is one of my favorites: Don't swim in the pool right after you eat (ummmmmmm) OK! You see what a Brules all around us and our belief is to believe them to be true? Why?

You are what you believe. And you turn into your beliefs.

Before we can begin to move forward we must first know what is holding us back. Get a cup of tea, pen, journal, and maybe light a candle. When you journal, just write let the words flow out. It dos not have to be perfect it just has to make sense to you. Most people worry about spelling, ,and correcting. DON'T! You see your first response is the response we are looking for. Your second is the logical mind trying to keep you stuck. And today we are telling that part of the brain to "Shut It"

Do you feel?

  • Stuck and frustrated?

  • Heavy and lethargic?

  • Excited but reluctant to start a new challenge or project?

  • Ready to step up and be more?


  • What are you beliefs growing up? And have you carried them with you into your adult years? If so, why?

  • Do your beliefs serve you?

Letting go: