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  • 30 minutes

Service Description

Many women, men, and children I know suffer from anxiety. And most of them you wouldn't even know they had it. They might suffer in silence or have been living with it for so long that it has become the "new normal"! Well I can't except that any women,  man or child should have to live like this. I have seen the horrific depths that anxiety can take a person too. And, for my clients, their anxiety has ALWAYS come from a past trauma, abuse, abandonment or neglect. It may or may not be caused by something that society deems as ‘traumatic’, but at the very least it will have been something YOU found traumatic at the time. Something that made YOU felt alone or unloved or incapable of dealing with. But the good news is, anxiety CAN be healed. Conflicting or unconscious thoughts and feelings cause excess stress hormones within the mind and body. This increases feelings of depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Unless we catch, challenge, and change the underlying beliefs we have about ourself, the mind will sabotage us at every turn.  Anxiety is a protective response from the brain to move someone away from perceived pain. In Just four weeks we will Discover the root, the cause and the reason for your issue. Uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can be liberated and free. Reclaim your voice, your power and your self-worth. Reconnect you to the extraordinary confidence you were born with. Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live. Experience rapid, permanent, all-pervasive change.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy: I have a strict one time reschedule policy in place. I value my time as I am sure you do too. With that said, I understand life happens so you are allowed one reschedule meeting after that NO more appointments can be made unless you have decided to go ALL IN and purchase one of our packages. Pls make sure you show up on time and in a quiet space for our call. I am excited to get to know you. With Gratitude Alyson June

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