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From the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and who you are destined to become.

Whether you are in need of direction or are simply curious, your reading will be an enlightening and healing experience that will ultimately connect you with the magnificent spark that lies within your soul.

Astrology confirms free will.

Sounds strange to think that if astrology is so predictive that we have any control over it, but we do. Our astrological blueprint (also called a natal chart), acts similarly to our DNA. Though we are born with certain things encoded in our DNA, our life, experiences, attitude, and condition all influence the expression of this inherited structure.

Like DNA, our astrological blueprint shows us our tendencies. It reveals where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and learning about them gives us the opportunity to enhance or soften them based on our choices. Though we are “born with it,” our astrological imprint does not determine our destiny. Astrology shows us what kind of energy we were born with (usually thought of as the soul’s agreement; what our soul said “yes” to working with in this lifetime). Understanding this agreement provides a lot of clarity as to why things were the way they were in our childhood, with our family, and with our inherited circumstances.

You will receive:

For a robust personalized birth chart report please input you birth info, click “create your chart", then follow the link to order your report.

What’s in your report?

  • Over 20 pages of detailed interpretations and unique diagrams of your planets and aspects.

  • This report explores the planetary energies influences in your chart and their relationships with one another.

  • Report is an easy to read PDF delivered to your email.

  • Zoom meeting to go over your chart

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